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Healthcare Horizon has sold several hundred copies of the RHC Policy and Procedure Manual and Update since first offering this product in 2004.

This manual has passed State RHC Inspections in multiple States, and will serve as a complete management tool. The addition of over (150) RHC management tools, memos, etc. will also be helpful. No more searching for the CFR citation or CMS regulation to find out the rules!

This is NOT a book. You CAN customize this manual to meet your specific needs, and always have the original on CD. All of these documents are in one of three different formats: Word, XLS or PDF. Any version of Microsoft Word or Excel will open the Word or Excel documents. You will need to have a newer version of Adobe or other software capable of opening a PDF file (available free on-line).

Topics have dozens of sections with detailed policies that are the result of thirty years of research and development and gleaning the best from hundreds of RHC programs across the nation.

Here’s a sample of the MAIN TOPICS:

    1. Patient Policies
    2. Medical Records
    3. Business Office
    4. Medical Supplies
    5. Procedures
    6. Biomedical Policies
    7. Clinic Facility
    8. Billing Procedures
    9. Computer System / Internet
    10. Patient Benefits
    11. Nursing Home Visits
    12. Public Health
    13. Administration
    14. Property Management
    15. Clinical
    16. Personnel
    17. Legal Requirements
    18. Blood-Borne Pathogen Manual
    19. Appendix / Forms

RHC-PPM Update includes (36) Additional Policies & Procedures:

        1. AED Protocol Sample
        2. Autoclave Protocols
        3. Billing In-Patient 72-hr Policy
        4. Business Associate Agreement Policy
        5. Civil Rights Policy
        6. Code of Conduct
        7. Dictated Notes Policy
        8. Doc. Parental Refusal for Vaccinations
        9. EHR Policy Template
        10. EKG Protocols
        11. Emergency Response Kit Policy
        12. Family Members Exclusion Policy
        13. Foot Care Billing Policy
        14. Global Billing Policy
        15. H1N1 Billing Policy
        16. Hospice Billing Policy
        17. Language Interpretation Option
        18. Med. Records Copy Charges
        19. Med. Records Trans. Fees Policy
        20. Medicare Advantage Billing Policy
        21. Medicare Bad Debt: New Policy
        22. Medicare Secondary Payer Policy
        23. Missed Appointment Policy
        24. MSP New Policy
        25. Pain Management Policy
        26. Pain Manage. Policy Pediatric
        27. Patient Care Termination Policy
        28. Patient Check-In Policy (New)
        29. Physician Salary Cost Allocation Policy
        30. Pre-Post Surgical Billing Policy
        31. Red Flag Rule Sample Policy
        32. Signature on SOAP Notes Policy
        33. Sliding Scale Fee Schedule
        34. SNF Billing Policy
        35. Use of the ABN Policy
        36. Welcome to Medicare Exam Billing Policy

Here’s a partial list of over (150) RHC tools on the UPDATE CD included in your purchase:

  1. 2009 HCPCS
  2. 2009 RVS
  3. ABN 2008 instructions
  4. Annual Evaluation CFR Citation
  5. Autoclave Protocols Sample
  6. Change of Ownership Process
  7. Chart of Accounts
  8. Chart Review Form
  9. Civil Rights Policy
  10. CMS 1561a Form
  11. CMS 29 Form
  12. CMS 588 EFT Form
  13. CMS 855a Form
  14. CMS 855b Form
  15. CMS Advantage Plan Memo
  16. CMS Hosp.-Based Cons. Cost Report Memo
  17. CMS Hospital-Based Requirements
  18. CMS Initial Inspection Request
  19. CMS Initial RHC Survey Memo
  20. CMS Memo Incident To
  21. CMS Memo on Opening RHC Doors
  22. CMS Memo Smoking Cessation
  23. CMS Memo SNF Billing
  24. CMS Memo Stamped Signature
  25. CMS Missed Appointments Memo
  26. CMS Regional Office List
  27. CMS RHC State OPS Manual
  28. CMS Signature Regulation
  29. Congressional Fax Numbers
  30. Consent Form Minor Sample
  31. Cost Report 222 forms
  32. Credit Balance Report CMS 838
  33. Discounts Memo
  34. E & M Coding Tool
  35. Employee Forms
  36. Employee Time Record
  37. Encounter Form Samples
  38. Encounter Log Monthly
  39. Fire & Tornado Drill Documentation
  40. FISS Detailed Info
  41. FISS-DDE Are You Ready
  42. FISS-DDE Basic Info
  43. FISS-Info for WPS Clinics
  44. Flow Chart Blank
  45. Flu-Pneumo Logs
  46. Health History Child +
  47. Health History Form (long)
  48. Health History OB-GYN Emphasis Form
  49. Health History Sample 1
  50. Health History Sample 1a
  51. HIPAA Consent Form
  52. HIPAA Consent Form Instruc.
  53. HIPAA Forms ABC Explan.
  54. HIPAA Task Form
  55. Homebound PT Final Rule
  56. Hospital-Based RHC Attestation
  57. HPSA Info
  58. Janitor Agreement
  59. LMRP Riverbend (still good)
  60. Log-Prob-RX-Vitals
  61. Low-No Utiliz. Cost Report Rules
  62. MAC J10 Contact Information
  63. MAC J12 Contact Information
  64. MAC J5 WPS Contact Info
  65. MAC J8 NGS Contact Info
  66. MAC Jurisdiction Fact Sheet
  67. MAC Jurisdictions Map
  68. MAC NHIS Contact Info
  69. MAC Noridian Contact Info
  70. MAC Trailblazer Contact Info
  71. Managed Care Referral Form
  72. Management/Billing Manual
  73. Medicare Bad Debt Info
  74. Medicare Bad Debt Log
  75. Medicare Lifetime Sig. Form
  76. Modifier 54-Use Of
  77. MSP Fact Sheet
  78. MSP Frequency Memo
  79. MSP Long Form Sample
  80. MSP One-Page Form
  81. MSP Short Form Sample
  82. NP Coll. Agreement Sample
  83. Nursing Home Encounter Form
  84. PA Sample Coll. Agreement
  85. Pain Assessment Forms
  86. Pain Contract Violation Form
  87. Pain Diary
  88. Pain Manage. FLACC Scale
  89. Pain Manage. Numeric Scale
  90. Pain Manage. Wong-Baker
  91. Pain Management Contracts
  92. Palmetto Contact Info
  93. Part B Fee Schedule
  94. Patient Agreement 1-Pg. Form
  95. Patient Care Termination Letter
  96. Patient Check-In Sample Form
  97. Patient Satisfaction Survey
  98. Physician Referral Log
  99. Pol-Pro Annual Review Form
  100. Preventive Maintenance Log Sample
  101. Provider Contract
  102. PS & R Registration Details
  103. PT Rights & Responsibilities
  104. QAPI Not Required in RHC Memo
  105. Regs. on Coding, Legible Notes, etc.
  106. RHC CFR Citations, Billing, etc.
  107. RHC CMS Manual
  108. RHC Map
  109. RHC Reimb. for Lab Services Memo
  110. Rural Billing Chart
  111. Safety Training Log
  112. Self Administered Drug Exclusion Memo
  113. Self Referral Notice Form
  114. Sliding Scale Information
  115. Smoking Cessation Billing MM3834
  116. Software and EHR Requirements
  117. Survey Report Form CMS 30
  118. Telehealth Billing Info
  119. Vitals Flow Sheet
  120. Waived Labs Memo

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