New Clinics


If you are interested in starting a brand new Rural Health Clinic (RHC) or you want to convert your current practice to RHC status, Jim Estes at Healthcare Horizon has the experience to get it done in an efficient and economic way.

Jim will be on-site at your clinic to review all the unique and often difficult issues involved in the establishment of a RHC. He will conduct an inspection of the clinic, and will include areas that inspectors from (45) states have mentioned during their certification inspections.

This inspection and the resulting discussions with you and your staff will result in a checklist-formatted report that will give you the information you need to get the clinic ready for the inspection and RHC status.

This report will also serve as your “Annual Evaluation Report”, which most states require you to have at the certification inspection, if your clinic has been providing patient care for twelve months or longer.

In addition, Jim will prepare the RHC Medicare Application forms and submit them to you for your signature and mailing to the appropriate CMS-MAC.

Jim is knowledgeable in all areas of RHC management, billing, operations and regulations. His extensive experience in converting regular clinics into Rural Health Clinics will prove invaluable to you as you start the challenging journey into the land of the RHC.

Here’s what you get when you contract with Healthcare Horizon to establish a RHC for you:

  • A RHC Consultant with over (23) years of experience specific to the RHC field
  • On-site consultation with owners, billers, providers and others YOU deem appropriate
  • Preparation of the Medicare forms required to become a RHC
  • Guidance throughout the entire process of RHC establishment
  • A written “Annual Evaluation/Conversion Report” left with you prior to Jim leaving the clinic
  • The RHC Policy and Procedure Manual and update on two CDs for customization by your staff
  • Training of your staff on-site or via a conference call if needed
  • Preparation of your interim cost report for establishment of your encounter rate
  • Coordination with the CMS-MAC, serving as the contact person for the application process, allowing YOU to take care of the day to day business of running your practice
  • Inspection of your facility to make sure it will pass the State RHC certification inspection
  • Review of your Medical Records (paper or electronic) to confirm that it contains all the necessary forms and procedures and complies with special RHC regulations and requirements
  • Assistance with selection of your EMR system, if needed
  • On-going consultation services for twelve months from the site visit
  • DVD Training on all aspects of the RHC is also available, if requested

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