Cost Report


If you are unsure of the accuracy of your cost report, Jim will conduct an analysis of your most recently-filed CMS cost report and give you recommendations for areas that may need to be corrected or closely evaluated in order to be in compliance with all the cost report requirements and to MAXIMIZE YOUR REIMBURSEMENT RATE.

As a client of Healthcare Horizon (by nature of having had a site visit complete with Administrative Analysis and in-service training), you may choose to utilize the cost report preparation services.

Healthcare Horizon sub-contracts a portion of these services, utilizing a leading financial/accounting firm. This company has prepared hundreds of RHC cost reports and is the exclusive provider of these services for Healthcare Horizon. This firm does the “number crunching” and Healthcare Horizon performs the gathering, documentation, confirmation and liaison functions.

Medicare Bad Debt remains an area where many RHCs do not appropriately submit bills and/or claim the outstanding bad debts on their cost report. Jim will provide the most current information to you, making sure the RHC follows all the rules in how to claim this important settlement on their cost report.

YOU MAY BE LOSING MONEY ON YOUR COST REPORT SETTLEMENT IF YOU ARE NOT CLAIMING MEDICARE BAD DEBT. However, there are many rules regarding this procedure, so don’t enter this area without solid consultation services.

The Cost Report Preparation service is not available unless Jim has conducted on-site services. Neither does Jim require you to utilize Healthcare Horizon for your Cost Report preparation. If you are satisfied with the company you are using for this service, then by all means keep that company.

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