Understanding the RHC Cost Report

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After viewing this training video, you’ll know where to look for your encounter rate, visit count, settlement amount and much more important information for the effective management of the RHC.

You’ll learn:

  • The purposes of the RHC Cost Report
  • How your encounter rate is determined?
  • Encounters & the CR – where do you get your data?
  • The three sections of the cost report
  • Adjustments (carve-outs) to the CR?
  • Re-classifications on the CR?
  • Non RHC Cost Report Impact
  • Medicare Bad Debt on the CR?
  • Flu & Pneumonia logs & the CR?
  • Productivity Requirements: is this for real?
  • Accrual of physician/owner salary?
  • Reasonable compensation?
  • Types of physician compensation agreements?
  • Medical Director’s compensation?
  • Physician compensation allocation?
  • Rent for RHC paid to RHC owner: limitations on cost?
  • Sole Proprietor/Partnership vs other types of ownership?
  • Importance of filing the CR in a timely manner?
  • Breakdown of CR settlement?
  • Settlement reality: when do you get your money from the CR?
  • Rate adjustment as a result of the CR?
  • Are the numbers on the cost report correct ?
  • Questions you should be asked by those preparing your CR?
  • Questions YOU should ask those preparing your CR?
  • How the Free-standing & Provider-Based CR is different?
  • Hospital-based CR issues & their impact on the RHC “bottom-line”