Complete RHC Management and Billing Training

Locations for the 2019 workshops are being determined. Check back for updates.

MAJOR CHANGES HAVE OCCURRED IN THE RHC PROGRAM REGULATIONS. When you combine the billing changes with the new CONDITION FOR CERTIFICATION that became effective in November, 2017, it is VERY important for you to have the latest and best information regarding RHC program regulations, billing and management.

Jim Estes is a RHC-specific consultant, with clients in forty-five states since 1989, and over forty-two years in healthcare. As the Secretary-Treasurer of the National Association of Rural Health Clinics for nearly fifteen years, Mr. Estes is in a position of strength in knowing and teaching the latest information on RHC issues.

The workshops being offered across the country in 2018 are provided at the request of many RHC staff, and will be appropriate for new employees as well as “old-hands”. The workshop starts at 11:00 am and lasts until about 4:00 pm in each location. Lodging is up to you. Jim as taught these workshops for over twenty years, and will cover a broad range of topics (see the attached agenda). YOU WILL LEAVE WITH INCREASED KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE RHC PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS, as well as having had the opportunity to network with other RHC staff.

We will not break for lunch, so eat a late breakfast (or a large early one) and/or bring a snack with you. It is fine to snack while you learn! This is a working meeting, and very intensive, so wear comfortable clothing, leave the cologne at home, and get ready to learn! Seating is very limited and when the meeting space is filled with registrations, the location will be closed to further attendees. Walk-ins must get prior approval at least three days prior to the meeting date.

The locations have been selected taking into consideration ease of access and cost of lodging rooms, to save you money. The tuition has not been increased in the past five years, and is kept low to make it more cost-effective for you to have as many staff as possible attend. You will be provided with a workbook to take back to the office.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to get Jim’s new RHC Training DVD and the new RHC Policy and Procedure Manual at a discounted, workshop price. These new products will also be available thru the web-site in mid-February at the regular prices. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at the workshop.

Select the location nearest to your RHC and MAKE THIS WORKSHOP A PRIORITY! We’ll see you there!


EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN (New Condition for Certification); NEW BILLING REQUIREMENTS (UB-04, Rev Codes, Modifiers); PROBLEMS CAUSED BY NEW BILLING RULES; NEW FEDERAL REGULATIONS FOR THE RHC; NEW MEDICAL DIRECTOR RULES; NEW LAB BILLING RULES; NEW CCM BILLING; NEW INSPECTION CRITERIA; Types of RHCs; Reimbursement as a RHC vs non-RHC; Minimum patient mix for success as RHC; Different ownership & issues related to each type; Eligibility for RHC; NP/PA regulations; RHC Policy and Procedure Manual requirements; Some risk management issues you may not have considered; Annual Evaluation requirements; Co-Mingling defined and explained; Can the RHC have non-RHC hours of operations? How does this work? Good or bad? Medical Director job description & regulatory requirements NEW RULES HERE! Consulting provider using RHC space? Cost Report: explained; Cost Report: data collection needed; Provider productivity issues; Provider/Owner compensation issues; Do you own your RHC building? Medicare Bad Debt: rules for claiming on cost report; Use of outside collection agency; Questions your cost report preparer should be asking YOU; Questions YOU should be asking your cost report preparer; Medical records requirements in the RHC (we will review of ALL forms, consents, etc. required in RHC); Medicare Secondary Payer form (required as a RHC); Definition of RHC encounter; Encounter documentation; Patient check-in; Pain Management Issues in the RHC. PLUS: RHC basic and advanced billing (this will cover many topics including the following:) Charging vs billing; Reduced/free services; Injection billing; Flu/Pnuemo injection billing (including Prevnar); Dressing change billing; Lab tests; Paperwork; Prescription services; Routine foot care; Home visits; Diagnostic tests; Nursing home visits; Appropriate revenue codes in the RHC; Four areas you can bill non-RHC Medicare; Split-charging and split-billing; Four walls concept in billing and service provision; Billing for denial; Multiple visits on the same day; Behavioral Health; Welcome to Medicare physical; Telehealth; Hospice billing; Medicare Advantage plans; Discounts for cash; Global in the RHC; 72-Hour rule; Suture removal billing; Provider-based RHC billing differences; CCM Billing & Cost report Issues and MUCH MORE!

This is THE workshop for new AND established staff. New information from CMS will have a dramatic impact on your RHC. In addition, I will cover billing, management, cost report data collection and MUCH more.

Here’s what other Professionals are saying about this workshop:

“Jim Estes presents a good solid RHC basic overview program and for RHCs with new personnel such as supervisors and billing clerks this one-day workshop is just right for them. Actually I have found it to be a great refresher even for experienced staff who have been working in a RHC for a while. RHCs should consider sending someone to his workshop. This is a good opportunity to get that short concise training you have always wanted.”
Ramsey L. Longbotham, Executive Director, TX Assoc. of Rural Health Clinics

“I always leave amazed that I can still learn more, even after coming to this workshop four years in a row!”
TX RHC Administrator

“This is the best all-around RHC training I’ve ever attended. I’ll be back!”
CA RHC Office Manager

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