Healthcare Horizon is located in Bartlesville, OK, in northeastern Oklahoma, about an hour north of Tulsa.  The office is in the private home of Jim and Donna Estes, the owners of Horizon Services, Inc. which does business as Healthcare Horizon.  Jim and Donna have built a comfortable office addition to their family home that allows Jim to sit at his desk and look out through five large picture windows over their four acres of wooded property, gently flowing creek, garden and swimming pool.  When the grandchildren get here (very soon!) you may hear a bit of laughter when you call!

Due to Jim’s travel schedule, the best way to communicate is via e-mail.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU E-MAIL JIM.  This way, he can call you as soon as possible, even when he’s on the road.  Jim gets his e-mails on his Blackberry phone.

Jim does not release his cell phone number to clients.  This enables him to spend time with the client he is with when on-site.  If his cell phone rings when he’s on-site with a RHC client, he WILL answer it, since the only people that have his number are his family members and pastor.

You can call the toll free number, 800-399-0874, anytime.  If Jim is at his desk, he’ll answer, otherwise please leave a message with the day, time and return phone number so he can call you when he returns to the office.



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